AGGIEBOUND Landing Page (2014):

AGGIEBOUND Temporary Landing Page
AGGIEBOUND – Temporary Landing Page

I implemented this landing page using Kentico CMS, an ASP.Net back-end content management system. Since another member of the team could not get the job done on time, I stepped in (as requested by the frazzled client) and had the page created within the hour. The next day, Aggieland Saturday, thousands of prospective students would be told to visit the website to subscribe to the AGGIEBOUND Magazine.

This was a landing page to stay up until the full design was fleshed out and could be implemented for the AGGIEBOUND website.


AGGIEBOUND – Fully Scrolled

After the full AGGIEBOUND design was complete, I also implemented it within Kentico CMS.  This has been one of my favorite websites to work on because of the new features put in, like the Twitter feed.

Office of Admissions Redesign

Office of Admissions
Office of Admissions Website Redesign (2015)

I have worked on the Office of Admissions websites since I came to the team in 2008.  A redesign of their website was done in 2009, which I implemented from scratch using just HTML and CSS.  The department did not use any type of Content Management System back then.

The version above is the latest total overhaul of the design, done in 2015.  Given the design again by Admissions Communications, I added this website into Kentico CMS.  I set up each area so they could ultimately make the content changes instead of having to depend on their IT department for each change.

This was a great exercise in CSS tweaking and Responsive Design. Also, I had to open up enough of the front page so that the original designer could change it, but not enough so she could mess up the structure of the page.  A nice balance was reached between the two of us discussing what would be best for everyone.