Applicant Information System

Applicant Information System
Applicant Information System

This is my implementation of a design created by Admissions Communications for our Applicant Information System.  I used HTML, Bootstrap and CSS for the home page.  Everything internal is based on the styles used on the front page, but for what makes sense using Bootstrap. I mocked up most of the internal pages using a tool called Balsamiq to “draw out” what each page could look like in its final stages.

This site is developed now in many different languages: HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, MVC, and C#, using the Entity Framework.

Office of Admissions Redesign

Office of Admissions
Office of Admissions Website Redesign (2015)

I have worked on the Office of Admissions websites since I came to the team in 2008.  A redesign of their website was done in 2009, which I implemented from scratch using just HTML and CSS.  The department did not use any type of Content Management System back then.

The version above is the latest total overhaul of the design, done in 2015.  Given the design again by Admissions Communications, I added this website into Kentico CMS.  I set up each area so they could ultimately make the content changes instead of having to depend on their IT department for each change.

This was a great exercise in CSS tweaking and Responsive Design. Also, I had to open up enough of the front page so that the original designer could change it, but not enough so she could mess up the structure of the page.  A nice balance was reached between the two of us discussing what would be best for everyone.

Game Plan

Game Plan Website - Batch Processing
Game Plan Website – Batch Processing

The Academic Success Center (ASC) provides several ways to help students stay in and thrive at Texas A&M University.  The above image is an example “batch processing” page in their Game Plan website, where you can select several students at a time to, for instance, put them all in a tutoring session, or give them all certificates for going to a special workshop.

I designed and implemented the Game Plan website (and this page) for the Academic Success Center using MVC, C#, HTML, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, and CSS. This site was created before the surge of responsive sites, so only portions of the site are actually responsive.

The original design for the header appeared as this (the ring is in the center as requested), but the office moved locations and the header was changed to what shows above.

Academic Success Center
Academic Success Center

ISS Information System

International Student Services - Information System
International Student Services – Information System

I designed and implemented the ISS Information System website (webpage renamed later). This was again done in SharePoint to be a portal and workflow for the International Student Services department.  The CSS styles were changed to match the given design instead of the typical SharePoint layout.

Office of Admissions (2009)

Admissions Website

This is the old version of the Admissions website.  I built this design (given to us by Admissions Communications) with strictly HTML and CSS.  I was responsible for updating all of the content for the communications department and it was, well, tedious! Each time there was an update needed, I was the one to ask!

Eventually, it was redesigned, and I put it into the Kentico CMS so that the communications department could work on updating their own content. (Ahhh…)